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The BIONIC team is an international program started right here in Colorado! It is a chance for students to learn leadership, empathy, and create a safe and supportive school environment. The program will continue into Cimarron Middle School, where it already is an established program. We will also be working with CIMS and have their students come train some or our students.

We will have several teams implemented throughout the year. The first team to start up will be the New Student Team. This team (includes all grade levels except Kindergarten) will welcome new students to our school through a quarterly breakfast, a welcome note and special gift. This team will be meeting during school hours and may have a few morning meetings to prepare for events.

The other teams which will be implemented throughout the year are: Community Outreach (This team will meet in the morning before school), Hospitalization Team, and the Grief & Loss team.

If you would like your student to be considered for the team or would like more information, please email our counselor Julie Frederick or call her at 303-387-8486.

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