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Our Learning Style

Our whole-child approach nurtures our students, as well as fosters risk-taking and a growth mindset. Our teachers strive to create classroom environments that provide authentic learning experiences. Students have the gift of exploring and honing their talents in art, music and through innovative specials.

Student using crayons

Curriculum Programming

Everyday Mathematics: Edition 4 has been newly released within the last year, and our teachers are incorporating the online and experiential aspects of the spiral based program that allow students to dig deeper with their learning as a mathematician. Frontier Valley Elementary has adopted EDM for our general mathematics instructional program.

Workshop Model: Frontier Valley Elementary has based our philosophy and instructional format on the principles of the Workshop Model and a solid Balanced Literacy approach. We encourage teachers to utilize The Principles of Literacy included in the Thinking Strategies Notebook.

Thinking Strategies: PEBC has developed 7 strategies for comprehension that address critical thinking in all content areas. Incorporating these Thinking Strategies into the workshop crafting instruction provides students with critical skills to be integrated throughout their day.

Lucy Calkins: Frontier Valley Elementary has utilized tools and structures of Lucy Calkins Writer’s Worksop model within the literacy blocks. Teachers have embraced the units and assessments within this program, while integrating the Colorado Academic Standards.

Resource Room: Frontier Valley Elementary has an extensive Resource Room which provides materials to support the use of Balanced Literacy in our school.

At Frontier Valley Elementary, we strive to prepare our students for the ever-changing advances in our technological world. Our students have access to iPads, Chromebooks,  and Macbooks through devices housed in our classrooms, as well as availability to Chromebook and laptop carts that can be checked out by our teachers from our Library Media Center. Out science classroom utilizes a one-to-one iPad cart to ensure our students have the ability to have information at their fingertips. Currently, we have approximately a 3:1 ratio of tech devices to students.

Our students benefit from a rotating schedule of physical education, music, art and technology classes. Students have weekly access to our school librarian assistant to hone their research and reading skills.   Students also have frequent class visits from our school counselor to build social-emotional wellness and coping skills.

Honest Encouraging Respectful Dedicated

The Frontier Valley H.E.R.D.

PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, a nationally researched based program designed to improve responsible behavior within any school or level. Frontier Valley adopted our personalized program years ago using the title H.E.R.D. to identify our highest character goals for our students. Students and staff participated in the development of this acronym, which emerged from our school mascot, the buffalo.

Our teachers and support staff encourage our students to show how they are a part of the HERD on a daily basis by showing honesty, encouragement, responsibility and dedication. Students are recognized through positive phone calls home , weekly HERD drawings, and recognition as one of our Outstanding Buffaloes.

Students are also eligible to be nominated as the “Outstanding Buffalo” quarterly. These incredible students are recognized at our HERD assembly by their nominating teacher. Our Outstanding Buffaloes attend the quarterly Chuckwagon Luncheon. This is a great celebration where administration serves as their wait staff for a special dining experience with their teachers and other Outstanding Buffalos.

We are proud of our students at Frontier Valley for the ongoing positive attitudes and behaviors that they bring to our school each and every day. Rewarding them for using strong and positive judgment is our pleasure, and truly supports our warm and caring community.


The BIONIC team is an international program started right here in Colorado! It is a chance for students to learn leadership, empathy, and create a safe and supportive school environment. The program will continue into Cimarron Middle School, where it already is an established program. We will also be working with CIMS and have their students come train some or our students.

We will have several teams implemented throughout the year. The first team to start up will be the New Student Team. This team (includes all grade levels except Kindergarten) will welcome new students to our school through a quarterly breakfast, a welcome note and special gift. This team will be meeting during school hours and may have a few morning meetings to prepare for events.

The other teams which will be implemented throughout the year are: Community Outreach (This team will meet in the morning before school), Hospitalization Team, and the Grief & Loss team.

If you would like your student to be considered for the team or would like more information, please email our counselor Julie Frederick or call her at 303-387-8486.

Believe it or not I care
Personalized learning

Personalized Learning

The relationships built between learners and teachers are important to all involved and build culture and the common language around personalized learning so everyone is on board. It starts with conversations between learners and teachers to develop an understanding of who the learner is and to use that information to co-design learning goals based on our state standards.