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About Frontier Valley

Principal's Welcome

It is with tremendous excitement and joy that I welcome you to Frontier Valley Elementary.  Our staff at FVE believes in building strong relationships with our students and community in order to ensure a solid foundation of learning.  

We embed the seven “Thinking Strategies” developed by PEBC across the curriculum to develop sustainable learning.  The strategies include:

  • Asking Questions
  • Creating Mental Images
  • Drawing Inferences
  • Synthesizing New Learning Ideas
  • Activating/Utilizing Background Knowledge
  • Determining Important Ideas
  • Monitoring for Meaning & Problem Solving when Meaning Breaks Down

Our students experience a variety of learning opportunities as they rotate through music, art, PE, and technology classes.  We believe in a whole child approach, and want to provide our students with enriched opportunities in all of these special classes.  Our school also has a full time counselor on staff; she delivers lessons on problem solving, coping skills, friendship, etc. to each classroom on a regular basis.

We have a wonderful support staff that provides specific targeted instruction for students with unique needs.  Our team collaborates together to do whatever it takes to help each child reach their full potential in our building.  We work hard to create a positive learning environment, and have many systems in place to highlight the strengths of our students.  We follow a PBIS (positive behavior interventions & support) approach to acknowledge the great things that our students are doing in school.  

Please download our Frontier Valley App, find us on Twitter @kierstenhallfve, and check out our Facebook page!  We have a multitude of community events put on by our PTO/FVEA, and hope your family experiences these welcoming events in our school and community.  We are glad that your little buffalo is part of our HERD!

Kiersten Hall, Principal

Our Purpose

At Frontier Valley Elementary, we exist to prepare children for bright, fulfilling futures. We respect and celebrate our diversities and commonalities. We promote and nurture an inviting, trusting, and respectful culture. We embrace and encourage lifetime learning. We support an instructional climate where all learners realize their academic potential. We share and sustain goals. We serve as the heart of the community. We foster a physically safe and emotionally secure environment.

Students in library with legos

Our BrainSpace

Our innovative BrainSpace provides an inviting learning environment with a wide range of experiential opportunities. Students can hone their kinesthetic abilities through hands-on creating and building experiences in our Maker Space. Our shelves are stocked with a multitude of STEM materials and a variety of robotics for our students to explore. FVE is equipped with a full class set of Google Expeditions that allows our students to experience different parts of the world and participate in virtual field trips. Student’s creative brains are awakened by our Lego Story Starters and Lego WeDo kits. 

They are inspired to create and are exposed to beginning programming skills through the use of these resources. Students can also build on our Lego Wall. We encourage students to show what they know through different presentation spaces and to curl up on a beanbag with a good book in front of our relaxing aquarium. Our BrainSpace is the center of our learning environment. Our goal is to continue professional growth for teachers around the use and possibilities of this space and to ensure that our students will always remember this space as the place where their creativity and critical thinking bloomed.

Ripple Effect

As we stand at the edge of the pond, we drop a single rock into the water and watch the ripples move outward towards the land. This single action creates an impact that starts with our students and extends outward towards the community. Our experienced staff offer children at FVE a comprehensive and holistic approach to learning that empowers, challenges, and extends student learning.

About Frontier Valley Ripple Effect

We believe…

…that the social/emotional wellness of our students is at the heart of who our children at Frontier Valley are as learners.

…in the importance of our students coming to school feeling safe, being an impactful member of our learning community, and developing into responsible and caring citizens.

…that children who explore, communicate, and are immersed in rich experiences are empowered to become innovative and critical thinkers who impact our world beyond Frontier Valley Elementary.

…that children who are provided with rigorous, relevant, and challenging instruction will reach their highest potential as learners and citizens.

…that tapping into the parents, families, and community surrounding our school, our students will thrive.

Elementary Learning Counselor

I am so grateful to be the Counselor here at Frontier Valley Elementary. This is my 13th year in the field. As the Counselor at Frontier Valley Elementary, I provide the students support with social, emotional, and educational counseling. I meet with students (and families) for a variety of needs in small groups (lunch bunches), individual counseling, emergency assistance, crisis counseling, and also provide classroom education. This year, I implemented the international BIONIC program, which stands for Believe It Or Not I Care. We are the first elementary in Douglas County School District to have this program. The first branch of this is the New Student Team. Each classroom has two representatives who help to welcome new students to our school by eating lunch with them and being sure they have a friend to play with at recess. The second branch of BIONIC is the School Culture and Community Outreach Club. This club does random acts of kindness within the school and special fundraisers throughout the year to support the local community. I have a strong passion for the BIONIC program and had the privilege this past October to present, along with the founder of BIONIC, at the Colorado School Counselor’s Association State Conference.

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At Frontier Valley Elementary, I have had the opportunity to lead our Social and Emotional Wellness Team. This includes being the lead representative for our school for the district initiative Allies in Promoting Prevention, which also meets the requirements on Colorado HB 1254 (Concerning measures to reduce the frequency of bullying). Each month, the district provides a mental health or social emotional topic to cover then the school psychologist and myself enter each classroom in the school to educate all students (age appropriately). These topics will also be integrated through our PE program to support further healthy social and mental choices. Another element to the wellness program is to provide staff support through the implementation of Mindfulness 101 with district support at an inservice to provide teachers with strategies they can use to support students in their classroom. This year will provide me with many opportunities to support students and staff in overall mental wellness and healthy decisions.

Integrated Learning

We support an instructional climate where all learners realize their academic potential.

Clubs & Activities

Get involved at Frontier Valley!

  • Art Club
  • B.A.S.E.
  • Mad Science
  • Coding with Kids
  • KidStage
  • Band
  • Orchestra
  • Choir
  • Spanish

Volunteer Opportunites

We love our volunteers and their desire to serve our students.

School Facts

Devoted Staff

  • 22 Classroom Teachers
  • 11 Educational Assistants
  • 4 Specials Teachers
  • 1 Full-time Counselor

Technology in the Classroom

  • 290 iPads
  • 200 Chromebooks
  • 32 MacBooks