Louise Bashaw


Louise Bashaw

“Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar.”        -Bradley Miller

I grew up in a small town near Little Rock, Arkansas, and spent my childhood hunting, fishing, and camping with family and friends, riding bikes, slapping mosquitoes, and chasing lightening bugs.

After earning a BFA in art and art history, I spent a year and a half backpacking through Western and Eastern Europe locating the art I had studied. With Alpine views and skiing in mind , I moved to “Colorful” Colorado and directed a contemporary art gallery in Cherry Creek North.

During that time I met my husband Bill, a commercial banker, and moved to Parker. While raising two daughters, I changed my career and earned my “Mom” degree, becoming very involved in school and the extracurricular activities that my girls explored.

For 9 years I have supervised 3 Girl Scout summer day camps around Denver. I frequently run into former campers who know me only by my camp name “Silver.” Having girls with learning and physical disabilities at the camps inspired me to work in Significant Severe Needs. I avidly read about the wide array of challenges in the Autism Spectrum Disorder and continue to study and take classes on the subject.

Being a part of the Frontier Valley Team has been an extremely rewarding experience. The administration and teachers are passionate about providing an enriching learning environment for students and families making me proud to be an FVE Buffalo!

Favorite Hobbies: My interests are being outdoors in the beautiful Colorado environment, learning about rocks and minerals (especially coprolite and meteorites), reading, movies, and collecting art. I have been a professional calligrapher since college. Some of my calligraphy was used for a restoration project in the Colorado State Capitol building in Denver.

Favorite School Supplies: Treats in the staff lounge

Favorite Restaurant: Beach House Restaurant on Kauai

Favorite Snack: Movie Theater Popcorn

Favorite Color: Sunset Coral – Orange

Favorite Store: Humphrey’s Cabin Fever in Grand Lake