Becky Johnson

Becky Johnson

“Re-inspire, and practice mindful G.R.I.T.”

Hello! I am excited to teach your child. 5th grade is full of adventure with an all inclusive/integrated Explorers project, Original American Colonies Survivor “episodes”, small reenactments of events leading up to the Revolutionary War, and learning about financial literacy through the Ameritowne curriculum/simulated town field trip. The students will also experience inquiry based learning of weather, cells, matter, health, and body systems, as well as exploring a virtual or hands on dissection. Much of this science learning will end with the cumulation of understanding on the Outdoor Education Trip later in the year, and will be complemented with the STEM learning (the new special this year!) Finally, my class indulges in reflective, creative, and motivating writing opportunities, as well as finding their niches as readers and mathematicians using the Thinking Strategies to guide their learning process.

I have taught at Frontier Valley for 5 years, and am thankful to be part of this community both as a teacher and mom. I started my teaching career in Castle Rock in 2000, where I taught 2nd grade. At this time, I received a Master’s Degree from Regis University. After teaching 2nd grade for many years, I taught 1st-5th grade literacy, and now have enjoyed 5 years as a 5th grade teacher. Frontier Valley has become a special place and second family to me. Outside of school, I enjoy hiking, biking, reading, and spending time with my family.

Favorite Coffee Drink: Americano (no frill)
Favorite Other Drink: Zip Fizz
Favorite Store: Target
Favorite Hobbies: Hiking, biking, reading and writing
Favorite School Supply: Duct Tape-all colors and designs
Favorite Restaurant: Poke Bowl near Safeway
Favorite Color: Orange
Classroom Request Items: Packing tape (need at least 4 big rolls) and/or Duct Tape-fun colors

Other Favorites: AMC,Noodles,Chilis,Chipotle,and any nail or spa treat!